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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 4, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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hi. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day starting "right this minute." a wild animal lurks in the brush. the leopard, my friends. see why he's king of the jungle after this takedown. >> oh! >> a teenager running from police rolls it, and guess what? >> he had his three children in the car. >> watch as cops are forced to make one tough call. we've got an update on the woman who posted nude photos after losing -- >> half her body weight. >> hear what life is like as a media sensation. >> i'm ready to go with anything
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at this point. and want a cool halloween costume? there's an app for that and then an animated t-shirt. see why you need a few simple items. >> there you go. the law of the jungle. kill or be killed. only the strong survive. all the other things they say about the law of the jungle -- got to warn you, this video can be a little tough to watch. >> what do you see lurking in the brush? leopard. a beast! a spotted beast. >> it's a leopard, my friends. but he's not there just hanging out in the shade because he's tired. he's lurking, because he hears something a-coming. >> oh! >> oh, yes. >> no. he will -- that's the most brilliant takedown i've ever seen in the jungle. >> it's something right out of professional wrestling. a herd of impalas. not chevy impalas, impalas as in the animal come flying at this
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guy. he leaps suplexes one of them. this is what happens in nature. >> the deer was like, you got to be kidding? i'm going to practically run over this death machine. >> the hard part's over. just drag this guy down the road here so i can have a little lunch. >> i know the way the jungle works but it's so sad when it happens. >> it's important to keep in mind, this kind of stuff happens when the cameras aren't rolling. it happens all the time. it's happening right this minute. >> yes. [ laughter ] and it just happens to be a really great video. a> high-speed police chase ends in a crash in wisconsin. we're seeing a police car go on to an exit ramp, and pay
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attention to what's going on in the distance, the cloud of dust. that's the car they were chasing. ran off the exit ramp, down an embankment and according to police, this car rolled. this car was driven by 19-year-o 19-year-old, and the shocking and heartbreaking thing, he his three children in the car, ages 5, 3 and 2. you can hear in this video the police going up to the car to check on the children once they got down this embankment. >> okay? >> wow. >> how careless for your own kids' safety to be running from the cops and end up in a ditch. >> why was he doing this? >> according to police, he assaulted the mother of their three children, took the three children and fled. when police caught up with him, they knew he children in the car, which, of course, makes them extra precautious. reporters from tmj-4 kauft up
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with the police department. >> the safety of you are children was the biggest concern so we had to stop that vehicle. >> what's the condition of the kids and the guy? >> the kids taken to the hospital and taken back to their mother. the man, police chased him down on foot. arrested hill. he's currently charged with a slew of charges, you can imagine, including owi. >> your dad's supposed to be your protector. the guy that keeps you from harm, not put you right in the way of harm and he could have killed those kids. ah, man, the indonesian navy was so proud to get their brand new stealth ship. >> oh, no. >> ah, it went up in flames just four weeks after they get th this -- safety new tech state of the art missile ship.
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the first of four. >> did it not have like, a dive function? so they could maybe dive it down and put out the fire real quick? >> that would be brilliant, on boats. >> a dive function. that's great. >> it's a super stealth secret mission thing. neighbor does. i don't know. >> or maybe just some pumps that could take all the water sitting around and just -- >> yeah. >> douse itself? >> no, apparently didn't have any of those fooch features othn stealth. >> what are they doing? trying to swim out and save it? >> what? >> maybe -- they burned it on purpose, so all their enemies think, oh, man, their stealth ship is ruined. now let's commit all of these crime, but little did they know, they got three more, ready to go. >> or a decoy. >> it's not really a stealth ship at all. >> it's made of pizza boxes. right. >> it's the way they're going to be -- now they don't even believe they have a ship. so now they're stealth. >> stealth.
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you guys probably remember the photos i showed you from julia. she documented her weight loss. lost half her body weight and created an art project called half, where she took nude photos of herself. well, people are looking at them and commenting on them, and they've become a sort of viral hit. full body shots of her showing the toll that losing weight has taken on her body. >> it's got people talking about weight-loss. >> definitely held nothing back. bared it all. >> tell us how she did it and why we have julia "right this minute" via skype. i guess i'm not the first person to ask you why, what i'm going to ask you is, do you feel brave for what you did? >> it all became really normal. taking control behind and in front of the camera, i'm at peace with it. i feel like it's out there and it is what it is. >> was this at all therapeutic
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for you? >> most definitely, yes, behind-the-scenes before anyone had seen them, talk to myself about what was going on, putting it out there and having people say, i went through this, too. you feel not alone. that was the point of bringing it out. >> reactions or impact that you didn't expect? >> i didn't expect to be on tv with it. i've also never expected people to come to me and say, you know, i understand what you're going through. i've been through, thinking about losing weight and thank you for giving me a glimpse into what might happened. >> does that make you sheepish or scared? >> i'm happy about the situation. people are talking about. people are embarrassed about. and i put it out there and let's start talking about it. >> has your life changed after putting this product out there? >> just, i'll be walking through mall, gosh, i saw that. how did your husband do this? what are you doing with your skin? i realized it's not about some stupid number on a scale. i actually gained back about ten pounds on purpose, because i just felt better. so at this point, i'm just
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trying to live to be happy, and do what i feel is right. two guys walking through a gas station and -- this man in the hoodie is armed, but the guy getting robbed, says, not today. see how he puts up a fight with a gun pointed at his head. a. g a guy, a girl. what's he thinking? >> she looks nice. >> cool looking girl with the mayor cut shows up and the guy's wheels start turning. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. this next one looks like just two guys walking into a 7-eleven. what you don't know is right before this the guy in the hoodie stopped this guy in the black shirt, asked him for a light and then pulled out a gun and took the cell phone from the guy in the black shirt and then ordered him to walk to this
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7-eleven to withdraw money from an atm. so this man in the hoodie is armed, but the guy getting robbed says, not today, and he comes at this guy in the hoodie. now, keep in mind, the guy in the hoodie is armed. he has a gun. he's already showed it to the guy. >> it looks like this might be a worker or someone else in the store who comes to help this person with the black shirt, but watch this. >> during the struggle. the gun comes out and this guy is pointing it at this person with the black shirt on. eventually the suspect takes off. nobody was injured in this, it appears. all this guy got away with, samsung 30 x3 and $30 from the guy. just at scary, tense moment from the guy. i don't know if it's brave or stupid what this guy did in the black shirt. >> i'm hoping the gun maybe was fake he he just had the common sense not to be violent over $30 and a cell phone. >> i hope there's a clear shot of his face. >> hopefully somebody can
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identify this guy. >> that take as brave guy to say, i'm not going to be your victim. our favorite rocket scientist mark is back. i want to point out, though, before we get into it, showing us a little love in this latest video. >> no way. >> mark rober. >> a nasa engineer, his name is mark rober. >> i create add costume that basically create add hole in my gut. >> thanks, man. >> he got more than 3 million views on it. using an expensive device, like the ipad, this time you can use your android phone or your iphone. >> people have those. >> there is an app called digital dudz that he and his buddies created where you can download and animation. you go to their website and buy the t-shirt that goes along with the animation. cut out the eye. put your smartphone behind the t-shirt and then you have an animated t-shirt. >> all of these t-shirt designs are 100% original. if there's one you really like,
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can you access it through the app or at digital >> a brilliant way to make some money. a brilliant way to get all of his already fans ready for halloween. >> i'm not very good at halloween costumes. this is simple, easy. i can do it last minute. like i usually throw my costumes together. >> all you need for the costume, t-shirt, scissors, electrical tape and you're done. >> they do have a really cool silicone patch they call the eye wound. >> slip. into the possibilicket on the b there you go. >> love it. >> they took this out into the public to see what people's reactions would be. >> and this is basically what they thought. >> that is perfect! [ laughter ] >> so you know if you get this for about $35, by the way, you are going to get serious reaction from people. >> not again. hmm. our friends from pleated
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jeans are back with a little tutorial. the video is called "how to be an inconsiderate --" a word for meanie. beep! >> a-hole. >> yes. you may not want to watch. you probably already have this down, but the rest of you -- >> i'm mark and i'm a giant [ bleep ]. today i'm going to show you how to be a giant [ bleep ], too. come on. let's go. check this out. having to throw this away. [ bleep ] the people i live with. hey, look, used the last of the toilet paper and not going to replace the [ bleep ]. >> have you done that? >> if i do this i'm only being a a-hole to myself. >> cool mip friends texted me. ignore it. don't text back. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, my gosh. i know somebody who does that, like every time. >> ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. >> beth is not contact. no. >> turned it the light off. [ bleep ]. >> hey, get on the highway, not
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slow down prevent them from getting on the on ramp. >> don't use turn signals. >> can't stand that. people won't move over to let you get on the on-ramp. >> not showing common curtsy. >> i wonder how many are watching this video and can completely identify with every single jun you know there's a supreme a-hole out there. >> right. >> like, yeah. >> and probably doesn't have any friends. >> to find out if the you're a meanie and to see this entire video head to our website, and click on best of "rtm." it's not your average outdoor adventure individual xbroep this shows all the dumb stuff. >> oh! >> the waterfalls, and water fails on "right this minute." and -- an animal that you've probably never seen before, because -- >> it is very rare. >> oh, look at this precious little thing. >> see what it is,
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[ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. are better than others. that was fast! thank you.
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time for us to take a trip inside the male mind. >> uh-oh. >> short film called "maybe" written, directed, and shot by john gray posted on virgin media. short. >> she looks like she'd be an interesting person. shows a flare girls simply don't go. maybe she's lonely, too. >> i feel like men don't think this much. >> they don't.
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they look straight at the butt or boobs and start thinking can i do her? >> give us a little more credit than that. >> maybe i have a chance to talk to her, through some measure of miracle she talks back, and she likes me. maybe we take a bus together and the conversation flows. maybe i ask to see her again and she bull[ bleep ] and says, yes. maybe she can't help take it quick. make look up and sap it's okay because she knows i'm with her. >> i don't know if that spart true. >> and it never felt so right. maybe she can't live without me. >> here's where the wheels go in the other direction. >> maybe she's crazy. >> maybe got a boyfriend. >> maybe holding someone else's hand. maybe i don't have the courage to talk to her and she gets on the bus and goes away, and we unstabilize. maybe she can read my mind.
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maybe i can't live with her. >> i think he takes the chance at the end there. >> do you guys think these things? if so, i am really happy. >> don't ask nick that question. >> i think the answer is, yes, but also other things. >> and the lem blow your mind a little bit there, troutman. i do think of you. >> ah. he has a heart. i love you guys even more now. >> ah! anytime i show you guys kayaking videos it's usually that triumph shot, going over the falls, really cool. to get the shot, there's a ton of fails. my buddy, showing all the dumb stuff, injury, the bail -- i love it. >> oh! >> if you're going to be dumb, the song couldn't be more appropriate. ♪ if you're going to be dumb you gotta be tough ♪ >> this guy gets stuck, smashed against the rocks. stuck in a little eddy there. the guy trying to get to --
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>> oh! >> ooh. >> that didn't look good. >> that hurts. >> definitely. that's it. >> yeah. a moment. >> the video is taken in california, oregon and british columbia and also japan. >> ah. >> oh, boy. >> holy moly, why was he the only person in the raft? that was an enormous raft. >> everybody else fell out. this one actually shot. in japan. you know, you guys often ask, how do they know how deep it is? >> his boat hit the bottom. >> his boat hit the bottom. >> did his face hit the boat? >> no, but darin was a little sore around the waist that day. >> you guys want to see the entire carnage, go to this guy has some mad skills when it comes to car tricks and it's even more amazing, because he does these card tricks with no hands. >> ah. >> this is
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a beautiful country, austria. what better way to see it than in an airplane. base jumped over austria but didn't use a building, didn't use a mountain. he used a helicopter. >> what? >> he jumps from a helicopter and does kind of a "top gun" flyby across this mountain. the shasberg. >> ah -- >> he almost clips that balcony. almost clips that railing. they choreographed it to shoot it in 1,000 frames we are second, which all the cameraman,
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the pilot of the helicopter, all had about a two to three-second wind to work within to get that super slow motion shot. >> he's up so high, it looks like what it looks like when you look out the window of an airplane. >> look at the in behind him trailing off in the distance with the smoke. if you could see it this way, that's the way to see it. of course, another awesome stunt put together by red bull. >> it's really the closest thing can you get to being a bird. time for gayle's rare wild animal roundup and today's edition comes to us from -- the cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. the first animal, this is very rare. there are only 54 in captivity in the world. at ten zoos in the u.s., and the cincinnati zoo has three of them, because -- that little baby. >> oh, look at this precious little thing that little baby boy was born on august the 3rd. born with eyes wide open. very, very good news they had this baby.
2:56 pm
>> so cute. >> this is another rare animal, but you might have seen one of these before. this is a red panda named homer. >> homer? >> homer is getting weighed. take a listen. >> weighs 1.66 kilograms. >> not that heavy, but really cute. love how they hold him bip the back of the head, like a mom holding her kitten by the back of the neck. >> it's okay. they'll be fine. they'll treat you good. >> they weighed me, too. i didn't like it. >> i thought was a rare animal roundup but the cincinnati zoo, we got to check in on savannah and max the puppy. >> oh. >> just want you to know, they're still playing. still friends. then say she's a little -- now that she's getting older, africa i -- friskier. >> she's going to have the speed, definitely. >> yeah. we know magic tricks are pretty cool, but this guy has a
2:57 pm
particularly amazing skill with the cards, because he does these card tricks with no hands. this is matty gilbert and he's performing these tricks at magic 2012 earlier this year in san diego, but the video is just now trending. >> so he has a series of six cards. three of them are red. three of them are black, and he alternates a black and a red a black and a red, a black and a red. and then -- when he turns them around, the first three are black and then the other three of red. >> ah. >> ah, and he just showed up a black one he put in the line that is now all red. this is awesome. >> and doesn't have anything up his sleeves. >> red -- black.
2:58 pm
>> and then he starts working with a full deck of cards, and it's just as amazing as the bird trick. i know people who can't even shuffle. >> i have a hard time just holding cards. >> cards in my hand, without them slipping away. [ applause ] >> awesome. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you tomorrow. have a fantastic rest of your day. -- captions by vitac --
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